I'm not usually one to pay any attention to Ad's on websites as I always assume that I will have no interest in any of them and class them in the same category as junk mail that goes straight from the front door to the paper shredder.

However, browsing the Technical Forums a moment ago, this "irrelevant to the forum area" Ad popped up advertising T-shirts for $10. Thinking that it was even more irrelevant as it was plugging clothing for USD's, I curiously clicked the ad take a look. At the top of the page, they state clearly that they ship to the UK. "OK" I though, and actually started browsing their Tee range and was actually really impressed with some of the designs of them! Some of them were right up my street. A quick currency check and it seems they are about 6 quid each and you can get international delivery for under 4 quid. Think I'll have a more leisurely look later today. I'll also be less quick to make the assumption that an add is "pants".

This was the site if anyone's interested: Threadless graphic t-shirt designs: cool & funny t-shirts weekly! Tees designed by the community.