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General Chat Thread, Projects in General; What Projects would you like to do, if you had some spare time & a little bit of spare cash ...
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    What Projects would you like to do, if you had some spare time & a little bit of spare cash (or none, just spare kit laying around) in your budget?

    Improve your backup facilities? Virtualize a few servers??

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    Virtualise more, with a SAN. I have loads of old servers, which could probably be consolidated.
    Upgrade to Gigabit to desktop in some places, though it's not in many areas we'd even slightly need this yet.
    Wireless coverage in a few more places would be good.
    Replace a few more of the legacy CRTs we have with LCDs (but they'd need to be 4:3 for the Smartboards!)
    Setup VLANs on the switches (none at present) so I could give sixth formers and outside guests transparent wireless access

    Obviously big variance in costs for these, but they're my top ones!

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    I think our school would look at the following:

    Replace some older switches
    Tidy up our cabinet wiring - time is the cost here
    Install a wireless network
    Consolidate some servers - possibly virtualise what we can. This would mean purchasing one or two new/recon 64 bit servers.
    Tidy up our backup routine (new software)
    Get another technician so the current one could be promoted and I could resign as netman.


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    This is how I roll

    • Filtering - If Bloxx/Websense/Smoothwall is in place I will leave it to do its job, if anything else I will pull out when licencing runs out and go for Smoothwall every time, as not much else is good for education
    • Next is firewall - ensure a decent one is in place, netgear firewall is not a bad one
    • Next is infrastructure, at least 1 Cat5e / Cat6a point in every room
    • Next is switching - ensure gigabit switches in each cab
    • Next is fibre links between said cabs
    • Next is making sure the cabinets are tidy
    • Next is wireless - usually aiming for 100% coverage of the buildings and 70% coverage of the outside of the walls
    • Next is virtualisation of servers - usually 1 server to cover 4 virtual servers
    • Next is Monitors - having flatscreens gives everyone the thought that they are new and run faster
    • Next is desktop machines / laptops - usually a RAM upgrade usually does the trick, however some cases a new desktop / laptop is needed

    Thats pretty much the order of things when I work

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    Revamp the Audio Visual in all of the classrooms. Have a standard setup in a nice cabinet that can't be messed around with.

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