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General Chat Thread, Cut school leaving age to 14 in General; Originally Posted by LeMarchand But what DOES work? I have seen time and time again that asking Naughty Johnny to ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by LeMarchand View Post
    But what DOES work? I have seen time and time again that asking Naughty Johnny to "make the right choice" doesn't work either.
    You're obviously giving the wrong choices.

    I find "Either behave or get fed to the Kraken, it's your choice" works pretty well.

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    Why oh why is it the powers that be are ALWAYS tinkering with this very important stage of life. Surely by now it should have all been sorted out and the best models universally adopted. Goodness knows the Politicians etc., spend enough time on jollies looking at what works in other countries. Crikey if it was a stable system everyone would know where they stood and money could be saved - perhaps enough money to bring the University fees down to a sensible level?

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    as to paying for "aqrtificial jobs" sureley its better to use money from dole etc payments getting people to do SOMETHING is better than spending the same money for 0 output. So surely its better to subsidise industry and get something out of it than just throw money at people for doing nowt?

    I know when i was unemployed after geting my degree i lost all motivation after a while applied for countless jobs got nothing and after a while it does become hard to keep doing it.

    as to leaving school at 16 the problem is we have a 1 size fits none solution in hindsight i probably would of been better server getting a job straight from school than doing any fe/he/degree and the current trend does seem to be everybody needs a degree (which is silly any qualification is only really any use if few people have them if everyone can get one it proves nothing which is why i dont get why am f grade gcse is a pass )

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