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General Chat Thread, Cities to get their own OS? in General; Browsing the news on the BBC website I came across this, sounded odd from the title and reading the article ...
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    Cities to get their own OS?

    Browsing the news on the BBC website I came across this, sounded odd from the title and reading the article even more so, it sounds like its a very very broad concept they are looking at and not much more then that for now. If this was to happen I can only imagine the big brother society things will become and the huge security risk it holds.

    They also mention independant app development integration
    Independent developers will also be able to build their own apps to get at data and provide certain services around a city.

    Mr Lewis said that eventually applications on smartphones could hook into the Urban OS to remotely control household appliances and energy systems, or safety equipment to monitor the wellbeing of elderly people.
    What would you like to see if you had an app of your choice on "urban os"

    BBC News - Smart cities get their own operating system

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    You'll be ok in Wolverhampton, you need to get electricity first

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