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General Chat Thread, Script to add users to home directories in General; I have a client who has the permissions on their users' home directories all jacked up, and they want to ...
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    Question Script to add users to home directories

    I have a client who has the permissions on their users' home directories all jacked up, and they want to move the home directories to another server. I have created folders on the new server and set the permissions on the parent folder to Authenticated Users, Domain Admins and System; all Full Control and have robocopy-ed the folders over. Now I need to add the user account to each folder. Is there a way to do that without going into each folder manually?

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    do you mean you have for example a folder with:


    and you want ahall to have access to ahall folder, atest1 to have access to atest1 folder etc?
    If so, (sorry for being vague, the script i had was ages ago), find the command that will do that manually (usually cacls) and then do a bat file that will run through a list of names and add them to the folders. so it will read name 1 and do cacls for folder 1, read name 2 and do that for folder 2.

    i'm really sorry for being vague on it, it was abou 8 years ago i had the bat file, but i do remember it was a FOR statement in it that ran through each line of a text file containing the names of the users.....name1 being the first folders, name2 being the second

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    Wisesoft do a great piece of software for exactly this, its called ntfsfix

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