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General Chat Thread, Anyone here Self Employed? in General; Job evaluation is looming (Friday the letter is due) and I am looking at option if things don't go in ...
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    Anyone here Self Employed?

    Job evaluation is looming (Friday the letter is due) and I am looking at option if things don't go in my favour. SO my question is. Are any of you Self Employed and working as a Tech/NM in education? MY HT suggested it if things go t*ts up with JE, but i'm not sure of how it would work, any pitfalls etc?



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    Just some old advice - make sure you've got your fingers in lots of differnt type of pots(schools,buisinesses,rich individuals ) - that way, if one dries up, your alright.

    Othewise, stick with being a wage slave


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    @pooley It's out already, at home waiting for us apparently. Haven't seen it yet but from talking to other NMs it's very bad news, very bad indeed

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    I've been self-employed for nearly a decade and I've worked as a NM in a state secondary school, and I'm currently doing tech work 1 day a week in a primary school.

    Self-Employment gives you a huge amount of freedom but you need discipline in order to get your invoices out and get yourself to work. It can be rough. In April I saw just 3 clients. In a busy week I'd see 15-20, so between 60 and 80 per month. So basically, for April I earned nothing. August was very similar. But May was insane. I worked 12 hours or more every day for two weeks straight.

    I haven't had a holiday where I wasn't dealing with clients on the phone nearly every day for at least five years. The longest break I can take is a week. If you like to know you can switch the phone off and walk away, this would probably ruin self-employment for you. But, on the plus side, when work is a bit slower, you can do what you like. Remember that hot weather in April? I spent most of it lying in the garden getting a tan and reading. I did some gardening. I did a fair bit of baking.

    From the point of view of being self-employed and working in schools, being an outside consultant gives you some benefits. You're looked at as an expert, not as someone who cleans out the toner trays. You can also speak your mind. One of the downsides, of course, is that you don't get that fat public-sector-worker pension. As a private sector employee you have to put away about twice as much per month to achieve the same return as a public-sector worker. You need to factor that in to your fees, and you also need to factor in the fact that you aren't going to be earning money unless you're working, so you need to raise your rates to cover the times when you're not working.

    Sorry if this is a bit rambly.

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