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General Chat Thread, re-Pete offender in General; This is superb. One of the men arrested in connection with the Lulzsec and Anonymous hacks has been granted bail ...
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    re-Pete offender

    This is superb. One of the men arrested in connection with the Lulzsec and Anonymous hacks has been granted bail no the conditions he:

    1) Not to be part of any internet relay and not to participate in any internet relay action.
    2) Not to use the internet using the name "Peter".

    The reason given was "to prevent reoffending".

    First off, he hasn't been convicted yet so don't see how the reason for him not to REoffend is valid. He hasn't been convicted of the first offence yet.
    But seriously, a judge thinks that stopping the guy from using IRC and using the name Peter online (which is his first name BTW) will stop him? Yeah cos as we know everyone users their full first name online, especially in IRC.
    I don't quite understand what the reasoning is behind this, I mean surely telling someone NOT to use their true identity online is like saying please be anonymous online as it will help us to combat anonymity.

    Full story here: Court bans man called Peter from calling himself Peter ? The Register

    Sincerely Mr MK 2

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    Not sure if Judge is trolling...

    Or just Network n00b.

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    Also, does this mean that the next time his parole officer sees the name Peter online, he's going to send the police to pick him up? Because of course, he is the only person in the world who uses the name Peter online.

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