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General Chat Thread, e-petition demands axing of benefits for rioters in General; I haven't signed it, but after discussing it with an old uni friend, I think it would be a bad ...
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    I haven't signed it, but after discussing it with an old uni friend, I think it would be a bad idea - it would make people worse and not be a suitable punishment.

    Instead, we need proper sentences when these people go through the courts. Last I read, the longest sentence given so far is 8 months, which means they'll be out in 4, and those 4 months will be spent in a cushy cell, with access to TV, games consoles, etc... They'll also pick up new criminal skills during their stay, from the other inmates.

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    Agreed it will just cause them to steal as they simply don't want a job to support themselves. You need to cure the cause; people leave school knowing that they are entitled to a flat, they have a kid, realise they will be worse off if they get a job and end up in the trap. Once you have a few generation of this it is very hard to get people out of that mindset.

    To me there is no easy quick fix. There has to be a point where we bite the bullet and push through the hard times which will follow from any action taken to combat this. One solution I can think of is dole is only handed out for 6 months, after that you either have to get a job or do community work. If you refuse you're put in a jail*. The criminal record you get is not to be used against you, ie you do not have to mention it to employers. Once people realise the choices are; get a job, work for the community, or go to jail...

    * This "jail" could be educational or manual working possibly.

    Obviously this is a simplistic plan and will cause trouble in the short term, but imo this has been a long time coming and it needs to end at some point, so why not now?
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