Poll: With English, Scottish and Welsh elections on 3rd May, who are you voiting for?

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General Chat Thread, Who are you voting for on 3rd May? in General; I don't really mind people knowing I'm a floating voter! If anyone asked me who I voted for I'd tell ...
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    Re: Who are you voting for on 3rd May?

    I don't really mind people knowing I'm a floating voter! If anyone asked me who I voted for I'd tell them straight away, as far as I'm concerned anything I post on these forums is open to the public anyway. If anyone has a problem with than then they can take it up with my employer.

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    Re: Who are you voting for on 3rd May?

    Witch - Like I say in my post, I dont know why the last 10 years have made me more racist, I dont know whether its down to the media, and the constant crime or killings or terrorist actions or whatever I keep seeing on the media, or whether its the media brainwashing me into thinking more racist. Or whether its a perception (true or false) that I have developed over the 10 years.

    It may even be just a rebound reaction to the outrageous lengths that political correctness has reached in recent years, ridiculous things like not being able to have a golliwog on the side of a jampot, the BBC saying that they will never again show the famous "germans" episode of Fawlty Towers because of its racist content and this and that being racist, yet they are allowed the black music awards MOBO thing, cant help but wonder what would be said if they decided to have a white music awards..I really dont know why, all I know is that I catch myself saying alot more racist things these days than I did 10 years ago.

    We talk of things being sad and so forth...might I also suggest that I find it sad, and indeed disheartening in a thread where we bandy the term democracy so much that there seems to be so much venom towards people who choose to vote a way that someone disagrees with. Indeed Cheesedogs post inferring that if people think differently from the accepted norm should not even say it on a public forum just goes to show that my freedom isnt quite as free as I might think.

    This is my final post on this matter, I use this board as a nice piece of light hearted mucking around, with the occassional bit of technical help from time to time. I dont use this forum to debate politics, the rights and wrongs of personal opinions or indeed to in some way be frowned upon by the better-than-me masses who are disgusted with my outlooks on life and society.

    Now back to the fun

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    Re: Who are you voting for on 3rd May?

    Quote Originally Posted by crc-ict
    Quote Originally Posted by _Bat_
    However, they are using the school for a polling station and the bottom of the school is cornered off tomorrow. Apparently if anyone goes down there, they get arrested.
    I think someone is pulling your chain!

    We had the same thing - they barricaded our school so much today we couldn't get to the loos without invading the Polling Station :? I even had to dismantle the barricades to get into the Gents, and I wasn't arrested! 8)
    Yeah, they were. I gave it a try... I was hoping to get out of work... no such luck . However they gave me some ugly stares which I returned with a polite smile as if I had no idea what I was doing .

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    Re: Who are you voting for on 3rd May?

    I don't know what scares me the most; 13% BNP or 34% Tory! :-(

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    Re: Who are you voting for on 3rd May?

    I didn't vote and haven't voted for the last 15 years as to me and a lot of friends all politicians are inherently corrupt and are only interested in their own personal agenda's. I have never in all my life found a politican who did not put themselves above their constituents.

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