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General Chat Thread, Common telephone test questions (technical) in General; Hi there, I have a telephone technical test for a systems admin role coming up and I was wondering if ...
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    Common telephone test questions (technical)

    Hi there,

    I have a telephone technical test for a systems admin role coming up and I was wondering if anyone knows what kind of questions come up in these things? I have a 30min telephone test with the companies IT manager...

    I have had a short one before and they asked what the difference is between TCP and UDP, what is active directory and what is DNS

    Anymore that I should brush up on?

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    Dont worry yourself, No point brushing up as they'll spot that you've learnt something on the fly. Also, they could ask anything, couple of days of skim reading wont make any difference. They'll be testing you on deep knowledge not what some random person on the internet has told you might be in a test !

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    @strawberry is right, just cover some of everything in the job description and you will be fine

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