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General Chat Thread, It's official - IE users are thickos! in General; Originally Posted by MK-2 from one of the comments there: I was thinking that, how many people buy a PC ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by MK-2 View Post
    from one of the comments there:
    I was thinking that, how many people buy a PC and leave IE on it just because "They have no clue how to change it" or are happy "If its not broke, don't fix it".

    We force people here to use IE, Why? Because frankly we have had too many issues with Firefox/Opera and Chrome. For some reason when installed it seems to cause all sorts of "Random" issues. No joke on the Random either, one laptop even had graphics driver issues as a result of Chrome installed.... once removed - worked fine with a projector.

    That survey would be like saying "Only Haters don't use IE" because so many people just hate Microsoft. My home PC has both Firefox and IE, my work PC though I stick to IE over Firefox.

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    Quote Originally Posted by unixman View Post
    <smug on>
    I've been an Opera user for over 10 years, since version 3.5!
    <smug off>
    In that case judging by the bar chart back in 2006 you were dumber than an IE6 or IE7 user.

    Personally I've liked IE since v7, I'm forced to use v8 at work and choose v9 at home as I like the minimalist interface. Sure I've used plenty of other browsers just to compare but never had a genuine NEED to use a different one.

    I think your browser choice comes down to personal preference and if you need your browser to do extra functions then you'll go with what's appropriate Firefox was probably the first Browser to offer extensions so it's cornered a large number of users that way.

    IE will of course get more stick than the others and it will always have a higher proportion of idiots using it as it is the default browser for the default OS.

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    I have firefox blinkers on, have been using it since 0.7 I don't use IE because its slow to load - but then with the amount of extensions my firefox has, and the increase in program size, IE probably loads quicker. I just don't use it out of principle - it is much better than it used to be.

    However for everyone complaining that firefox keeps changing its UI, have you compared IEs interface from 6 to 9?
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    Quote Originally Posted by localzuk View Post
    You've kind of missed the point of why MS offer a browser choice now - because they were legally forced to due to them engaging in anti-competitive behaviour. Ubuntu, as far as I know, has over a dozen browsers available from the default repositories (ie. a choice), but also doesn't have any form of monopoly and isn't trying to use that monopoly to leverage their way into other markets.
    MS offer a (supposedly) one-time prompt asking which browser they prefer. Beforehand users had to download and install the browser after looking for it. Ubuntu you have to go into the repository and look for it. How is that any different?

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    It looks like the report was a hoax

    BBC News - Internet Explorer story was bogus

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    Quote Originally Posted by JJonas View Post
    It looks like the report was a hoax

    BBC News - Internet Explorer story was bogus
    Another report stating that the report was a hoax:

    Link: 'Dumb IE users' report faked, admits scam's architect - Computerworld

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