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General Chat Thread, Edugeek Rep in General; Originally Posted by RingOfFlame lol You go for it hunny! Wow only 2 stars. With all your helpful posts on ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by RingOfFlame View Post
    lol You go for it hunny!

    Wow only 2 stars. With all your helpful posts on grammar, spelling and punctuation I would have thought you had more
    This is the type of thing that can cause neg rep. You cant easily translate how you would say something into words and people reading it can mis-understand the meaning. I first read it as you trying to cause an arguement, but I hope it was said tongue in cheek. But all this depends on factors outside your control. I cant force people to see when I'm joking, but if comments are added to any neg rep then it is easy for me to go back and edit thing's i've posted if they come accross wrong.

    @RingOfFlame - you seem to take some thing personally when most of the time it's not meant that way. Or at least thats the way I read it.

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    Of course RoF is trying to start an argument. That's what she does...took some of us a while to work it out as we presume that most people are generally OK and not deliberately nasty, but now it just won't work, 'hunny' and neither will you get neg rep from me - after all, you don't need it as you have so much.

    I don't give neg rep unless I am really disgusted by someone's post or comment, but if I do I always say who I am and why I have given it.

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    I feel that this thread was spawned by my reply to a thread that I started a couple of days ago:

    Quote Originally Posted by garethedmondson View Post
    ...Once again we see today a member receiving a negative rep for posting an anecdote...
    I have PM'd a MOD and I have stated in that message that I now consider the issue closed.

    I feel that exchanges on this thread should also finish now. We are all members here to help each other. Let us continue the good work.


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