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General Chat Thread, UNIONS in General; i am looking to join a union what unions are availbe to it support staff, are you a member and ...
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    i am looking to join a union what unions are availbe to it support staff, are you a member and if so why hope your comments can help be make the best dicisson

    thanks for the help in advance

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    GMB Union here - they have helped me out a few times and for £11.25 a month I cant complain!

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    First four (Unison, GMB, Unite, Voice) I would say are the main players for school support staff. Personally I'm with Voice, and although I haven't needed them much, the times I have needed them they have been great. Same can't be said about my personal experiences with Unison. Never dealt with Unite or GMB, although I do hear similar things to Unison about GMB in this area.

    I'm a member so I have some support if I need it. Whether that is quick advice, or a big saga, that's (to me) what a Union is for. It may seem a big expense for something you may never use (similar to insurance), but I feel it's definately worth it, as all it takes is one child to make an allegation and your whole career could be gone.

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    Unison here, or rather I was with Unison

    Which reminds me, really must cancel the payments and freeze my Pension....

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    You can also join ATL too.

    You'd be best finding which unions have a good steward / branch in your area and what others in your work place are a member of - and how they rate the support they receive. I'm a UNISON steward at my school and would hope others in my school would choose UNISON as they had a good steward on-site (me ) that can represent them. Joining a different one to everyone else would dilute the power of the union in school and can reduce the bargaining power they have.

    However if you're just after legal protection, you could go with the cheapest.

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