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I've got it installed now... it seems OK. Not an awful lot different from Snow Leopard at first glance apart from the transitions. There is one thing that's driving me mental though! I have a Magic Trackpad. They've changed the two fingered scrolling behaviour, it's been reversed. FFS I'm trying to browse a webpage, not fly an aeroplane! I can't see a way to change it back either. Harrumph. The iOS style autocorrect has the potential to be useful or annoying too, not sure which yet!

/edit seen the thread in the Mac forum and changed the scrolling behaviour. They've removed the three fingered navigation gestures! How annoying!
In track pad options you can turn off "natural scroll" direction, first thing I did after I noticed it was the wrong way round.

Lion seems rather good, I like how full screening an app puts it as an additional work space off to one side, kinda matches up with how I work on linux with 1 program per desktop and swapping between them.