Morning all!

I had a call from a company this morning called Baltic Training, for a position I applied for back in March...

The company itself is a training centre for Apprentices who are interested in a career in IT for people 18+, and they start off in the classroom, and experience life on a Helpdesk which they run, go out and attend to jobs, etc, and come away with an A+, N+, and Server+ (I remember that bit from the job advert).

The job itself was just an IT Tech who would maintain/upgrade the IT systems, set-up training scenarios, etc, and it caught my attention but sadly fell through as it was both subject to grants and I think it was eventually awarded to an internal candidate. The people I spoke to were very friendly and I didn't pick up on any warning signals (Apart from the post being subject to availability due to funding), and we went our ways on very good terms.

I heard nothing else from them after but got a call out of the blue this morning to see if I was employed or not as they had a spot open teaching the Apprentices, plus a decent pay-packet and further training if I want it. I politely said I'd think about it, and started to hammer Google for any info about them.

So far, all I can find is an Ofsted report from 2008/9, a brief mention about them working with Peart, the cuddly website, and a few press releases about them and what they offer - but apart from that, I'm struggling to find anything else about them that isn't written in a press release, or by anyone that's had dealings with the,

Has anyone on here heard of them, had dealings with them, or basically know anything about them?!?