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General Chat Thread, multiple NIC boot cd for ghost 8.x in General; I am using two floppies to boot into Ghost 8.x to image laptops and desktops. One with the drivers and ...
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    multiple NIC boot cd for ghost 8.x

    I am using two floppies to boot into Ghost 8.x to image laptops and desktops. One with the drivers and one with the ghost.exe.
    My problem is that some of the laptops won't boot to USB and I don't have the drivers on my current CD boot cd. (Someone else made the CD) So, I would like to combine my floppy with the correct NIC and ghost to a boot CD, but I want to include all the NIC drivers that I have on my boot usb as well. Any body has any instruction on doing this? Or web sites to check out?

    Thanks for any help you can give me on this.


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    Re: multiple NIC boot cd for ghost 8.x

    Check out:




    I use the Universal IP boot disk myself, but have it on CD Rom along with Ghost and other handy utils...

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    Re: multiple NIC boot cd for ghost 8.x

    Just a thought

    we used to use boot disk until the easter holiday, i learnt how to use to capture and image from a workstation and also deploy it to batch of workstations remotelly. I was amazed to see how straight forward it was. I just read the ghost manual and managed to get it going in 4 weeks. You can deploy the ghost client remotelly from the ghost console software.
    Not sure how version 8 differs from 7.5 but if you need so notes let me know (would love to try and save you some valuable techie time!)

    I hated havng to ghost floppyless laptops.
    1 boot in bios and enable usb
    2 attach usb floppy drive
    3 boot from floppy disk ( change disk if it is corrupt)
    4 etc
    5 etc

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