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General Chat Thread, Anti-RSI measures in General; I seem to be getting some sort of RSI in my shoulder from using a mouse. Sometimes it's a dull ...
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    Anti-RSI measures

    I seem to be getting some sort of RSI in my shoulder from using a mouse. Sometimes it's a dull ache, sometimes it feels like I've been stabbed in the back.

    I'm getting a trackball mouse courtesy of work, but someone was just saying they didn't think it'd help due to the fact my arm will still be twisted because it's the same shape as a regular mouse.

    Do trackballs help? Or do I need to get a vertical mouse?
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    First thing I'd say is are you sure it's the device itself, or posture related? If you think about how you sit, are you balanced, leaning, right heightaware of any tension, bad posture etc?

    The other thing is that some time ago I started getting numb hands after prolonged typing sessions. My Dr told me that the diagnosis of RSI is quite complicated and it's often something else. As it happens a bendy keyboard fixed it . . . . .

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    I had pains in my shoulders. Adjusted the height of my chair and the pains went away.

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    Speaking from personal experience only, I used to get very stiff shoulders and a very bad back while working in front of a PC because I'm a natural sloucher. A change in chair and a mental reminder to stop lolling over the desk has helped that in part, but the thing which has made the biggest difference is exercise. I go to the gym several times a week now and now the only pain that I get from spending too long in front of the computer is a numb tingling in my wrists and forearms (classic RSI, I suppose).

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