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General Chat Thread, Teachers showing film clips law in General; Ok I know this subject has come up before but I just want to clarify these points. Under UK copyright ...
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    Teachers showing film clips law

    Ok I know this subject has come up before but I just want to clarify these points.

    Under UK copyright law there is an exemption to allow the use of clips of a dvd to be used for educational purposes.

    Does this include legally obtained d/l content?

    DVD Rips downloaded from the Internet would not be acceptable and is in fact breaking the law?


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    IANAL but surely this is the equivalent of giving driving lessons in a stolen car? The lessons are legal, but the equipment being used isn't.

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    If the download content was downloaded legally (not illegally), then it is covered by the exemptions - as 'film' is defined in the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 as 'a recording on any medium from which a moving image may by any means be produced.'

    So, it doesn't specify medium, just the content.

    If it is downloaded illegally, then obviously as you say, it isn't covered.

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