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General Chat Thread, Sir William Stewart, chairman of the Health Protection in General; Article about Sir William Stewart, chairman of the Health Protection Agency, who has called for an investigation into the health ...
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    Sir William Stewart, chairman of the Health Protection

    Article about Sir William Stewart, chairman of the Health Protection Agency, who has called for an investigation into the health effects of Wi-Fi on children. (inc schools etc)

    The call follows news that the Department for Education and Skills is to equip more schools with Wi-Fi systems to help children improve their computer skills.

    Stewart has chaired two studies into the health effects of mobile phone use, reporting in 2005 that there was no clear proof that mobile phone radiation affected children's brains, but advising that the precautionary principle should apply.

    His first report in 2000 recommended that mobile phone masts should not be placed near schools.

    There is no evidence that Wi-Fi can have harmful effects when used as specified, but Stewart is reportedly concerned that children are more at risk since they have thinner skulls and nervous systems which are still developing.

    Some European countries have already raised questions about the effects of Wi-Fi in schools.


    What do you think, we have posted the below comment on there site,

    A further scientific inquiry/research would not be able to say one way or the other that wifi is harmful-but if Sir William Stewart is really concerned about students (and staff) welfare then a blanket ban on mobile phones in school is a must. This would be interesting to see how and if it could be carried out-how many students would bunk school? How many of them would be expelled for refusing to leave their mobiles at home? How much stress and problems would this cause staff?
    If wifi is "iffy" and potentially harmful then everthing that works in this medium, towers, wifi carriers and senders in schools, wireless routers in schools (and Homes?), mobile phones, wireless laptops, etc would have to be banned as a precaution as it may be potentially harmful.
    I can't see it happening can you?
    Back to the stone age and all that...

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    Re: Sir William Stewart, chairman of the Health Protection

    I always refer people to a story I heard before we put our wireless LAN in.

    Teacher : Since you have put that wireless box in I been having headaches and feeling sick. Are you sure that it is safe ?
    Techie : I can assure you that I'm 100% certain that it is having no affect on your health.
    Teacher : How can you be so sure? where is the evidence ? I don't trust all these scientific report big business is paying for it to say what they want.
    Techie : We are turning it on next week

    The truth is that what people don't understand they mistrust. Our job is to educate them and even then they some people will still say "yea but". After all the BBC, sky etc.. are boombarding us everyday with loads of eletromagnetic radiation

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    Re: Sir William Stewart, chairman of the Health Protection

    I like the Regs' take on this. Especially the final paragraph.


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