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    Shortening Holidays?

    So this could be interesting

    Summer school holidays could be slashed to just four weeks, says Michael Gove

    The Education Secretary Michael Gove yesterday called for radical changes to the current school holiday system, a move that could see families given just a four-week window in which to take their summer break.

    Mr Gove suggested a shake-up of primary and secondary education at his flagship academies and free schools, including a more flexible, month-long summer recess.
    Education Secretary Michael Gove said today that one free school plans to open six days a week for 51 weeks of the year

    Education Secretary Michael Gove said today that one free school plans to open six days a week for 51 weeks of the year

    State-educated children have traditionally enjoyed a six-week break between the end of July and the first week of September – but Mr Gove’s reforms could lead to the shortest summer holiday in Europe.

    As well as switching from three to six terms per year, schools may lengthen their hours to last from 8am to 8pm, with dinner served to pupils who choose to stay late. Those serving large numbers of working parents could stay open for 51 weeks a year, closing only over Christmas.
    Link (careful it's the Daily Mail. Sorry)

    So where will the extra funds be coming from to pay IT & premises staff for the overtime this will inevitably cause? We just about cram in our plans as it is but to shorten any more will mean we have to start running a more commercial style set up & that will cost.

    & as for the idea of 51 weeks a year, how will that even work?!

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    One could argue that summer work takes six weeks, simply because we're given that long!

    Remember the Star Trek "Scotty principle"

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    I don't have a problem with this, I've always thought the summer holiday was stupidly long. But then that might just be because I'm old and no longer a student :P

    I admit tho, I get incredibly bored with the amount of time off each year. If there was one reason I'd leave education, that would be it. I seriously do not need a holiday every 6 weeks.
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    Ah, that extract doesn't cover the whole picture - he isn't proposing a change to *all* schools. He is saying that some of the free schools and academies are changing things. The one which is wanting to run all year round etc... would charge parents for the extra time.

    So, those schools that wish to change their term times etc... can do so, but they won't be getting any more funding to do so - but they can ask parents that wish to use the increased time to pay for it.

    Our school is currently proposing that we extend our school day to make kids stay until 5 or 6pm, with enforced homework sessions, manned by LSAs etc... and marked by them too. We're also looking at changing our term times.

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    I like the idea, cheaper holidays possibly, no homework hassles and childcare problems. I work all year anyway so I can deal with it.

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