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General Chat Thread, BBC to axe F1 to save BBC4 in General; ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by AyatollahPies View Post
    I'm not forced to watch TV. But if I own a TV, I am forced to prove that I do not recieve broadcasts on it. That is a ridiculous concept in this day and age. Threats of £1000 fines, court appearence etc? Give me strength. I don't like being threatened for not buying a service.
    You don't have to prove it they just try and strong arm you into doing that. Just tell them you do not receive TV signals. They have no power to access your home without a court order and the police & that is rarely done. If they harass you can withdraw implied consent from them meaning they can not walk up your path (if you have no path or front garden you are a bit stuffed). If you live in a block of flats it is even easier, do not buzz them in and do not answer the door to anyone you didn't buzz in. Recycle any letters they send and get on with your life. Treat them as anyother cold caller offering a service you do not want.

    As for where I am, we are stuffed as cable will never come out this way, freeview reception is shocking so Satellite is our only option, which I really do not like. Once I move I am not getting a license and probably not getting a TV.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marci View Post
    It's unsubstantiated rumour at the moment - the article in TheTimes and TheMail were full of statistical inaccuracies. Watch #bbcf1 and Jake on twitter. Bear in mind that TheTimes is one of Murdoch's papers, and he's wanting to do as much damage to BBC as possible to assist his bid to takeover from CVC as main investor (which Bernie / FOA denies is happening).
    Not trying to take anything away from your previous statement as it was correct when you commented but it has turned out to be true. It means a lot of people are not going to be able to follow the F1 season properly which is a great shame. I for one will never give a penny to Murdoch regardless of how much I enjoy the sport.

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