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General Chat Thread, £350 new tv? in General; Originally Posted by ihaveaproblem The LG looks quite good, it's bigger in size, but it's not LED and it seems ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by ihaveaproblem View Post
    The LG looks quite good, it's bigger in size, but it's not LED and it seems to lack a few features that others have such as built in HD freeview and internet. I found a Sony that looks kinda nice as well. I will have to read some reviews to see what people are saying about Sony at the moment.
    Here's what I have so far

    Samsung UE32C5100
    Samsung UE32C5100 32-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p 50Hz: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics

    Samsung UE32D5000
    Samsung UE32D5000 32-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics

    Sony KDL32CX520BU
    Sony KDL32CX520BU 32-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p LCD: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics

    LG / 37LE4500

    I'm still confused if the Samsung tv's can access the internet (Iplayer etc) like the sony one.

    the LG i linked to is LED and has freeview

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    Quote Originally Posted by Achandler View Post
    LED/ LCD is the same thing. LED is just the type of lighting on tv (usually side lit), and just LCD is only style lighting by tubes at the back.

    There are problems with every type of TV, LED/ LCD the older LCDs and the Plasmas. LED/ LCDs are thinner, lighter and use less energy, however suffer from problem getting really dark areas to work (especially next to a lighter patch), but give a better contrast in general and use less Energy.
    LCDs are similar to the LED/ LCDs (its in the name) but are bigger, use more energy and again have problems with some darker patches, as they cannot be dimmed properly.
    Plasma TVs, are meant to be better at getting "true" colours but are bigger and heavier then both and can struggle with fast moving objects, also not as many manufacturers anymore and you have to watch the number of pixels on them (a alot still arent full 1080p). They also need more energy.

    Decide what is most important to your parents, then find a TV then look for reviews of it. I have bought a TV recently and you find that 1 model in a range can suffer from some problems whereas, the lower or higher one didnt, thats technology for you!

    If your interested I opted for the now "out of date" technology of Plasma, because I simply didnt like the colour on the LED/ LCDs when they were displaying darker images (a lot of light bleed to). My decision was based on what I want it for, it doesnt have a VGA input, well I didnt want one, it only have 1 SCART, some people want or even need more.

    If your parents are happy with an older model, i.e the 2010 range, then go to Richer Sounds, they sell them cheap and if you want a warranty its 10% of purchase price for 5 years. Much better then Curries and Comet and the like (about £200). Consider if you need a warranty to, LED/ LCDs shouldnt really break, how often does a computer monitor break? PLasmas however I have heard can decide after 2 years that they are in fact broken, hence the warranty maybe better.
    I hate to be that smartarse (although I do it a lot still) but... plasma is better at moving images than LCD, and has the better contrast due to producing its own light, rather than trying to filter out an always on backlight. The high-end LED TVs, that have localised dimming (i.e. an array of LEDs behind the image that it can switch on and off) are starting to approach plasma in black-levels and contrast.

    LCD is generally more energy efficient, and more importantly, is easier - plasmas need a bit of care in the first year or so to try and reduce screen burn, playing with contrast settings etc. although they are much better these days. As you say, 720p is much more common in plasma than LCD as well.

    And in general... Technika, bleurgh :S had a 22" in my bedroom once (briefly) and it had the most god-awful snail-paced UI I'd ever seen on a telly. I don't know if they're better now but it's really put me off... it's worth paying that bit more for at least a second-tier manufacturer such as LG, Samsung or Hitachi - much more usable.

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