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General Chat Thread, is 30 min drive then 1 hour on train too much? in General; I drive for about an hour and a half each way every day. It is tiring but I've got used ...
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    I drive for about an hour and a half each way every day. It is tiring but I've got used to it, and the job is worth it. The train would leave you less tired so it should be a do-able journey. I'd love to have the option of the train, unfortunately it takes longer than driving and costs more so I only get it occasionally. More relaxing when you can read a book or something

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    Quote Originally Posted by jonny_2010 View Post
    I have ben offered a job about 70 miles away, i debated driving but when i did it it was 1 hour 45 mins, which i not do able on a aily basis.
    You could always look for a weekday let nearby - somewhere that'll let you a room during the week. They're generally cheaper than whole-week lets and you might get breakfast thrown in.

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    I spend nearly an hour at the beginning and the end of the day travelling by train and foot. It is hard work and makes my day long. Once home in the evening just time to eat, watch a bit of telly and then bed. I personally wouldnt recommend that sort of length of journey, one reason for me looking for a new job, but if the job is really good and it will be difficult to find elsewhere then have a go!

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