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General Chat Thread, PC's and Power requirements in General; I am planning to put 16 PC's into a room that currently has only 4 double sockets. So each of ...
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    PC's and Power requirements

    I am planning to put 16 PC's into a room that currently has only 4 double sockets. So each of the 8 sockets would have a 4 way power adaptor connected to power 2 PC's and 2 screens each giving power to the 16 PC's and 16 screens. Question is - am I asking for trouble? Will it all blow when we switch them all on.

    Any comments very welcome.

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    Not sure, i would definately ask an electrician, there is somthing that i heard that says that you should only have 6 double sockets per ring, it probably depends on where else the ring powrs, you might find it runs a very high intensity something or other, best to ask an electrician, i always like to have a pc on there own duble socket

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    it probably will work for a long time too, however it will overload the system eventually, at my old school we had one ring in the server room powering 6 servers, 6 monitors, 2 tape backups and the routers and switches on one ring after about 4 years we had to put a new ring in because the old one failed and could no longer hack it. I would check with a electrician and i wouldnt assume that because it works now, it will continue to work.

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    Depends on what other sockets are connected to that ring main and how many amps the ring main RCD is rated at. If its a 6 amp fuse and there are another 10 plugs somewhere on that ring main then you'll be going pop probably every day!

    If it's a 32 amp fuse and and only those 4 plugs are connected then you'll be fine!


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