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General Chat Thread, computer desks in General; Hi All, I am looking at some computers desks that have an integrated TFT screen that can be lowered into ...
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    computer desks

    Hi All,

    I am looking at some computers desks that have an integrated TFT screen that can be lowered into the desk. I am looking at installing 8 desks. These would be two rows of 4 that would be back to back, with only one end connecting to the wall.

    Hopefully this makes sense but if not imagine the left hand side of this window is the wall and each - is a desk then the layout would be as follows:


    My only concern is the cabling of these machines.
    From what I have heard the mains and network cables would daisy chain through the desks.
    The only alternative to this would be to install several mains and network outlets on the wall and use long leads to plug the computers in.

    Does anyone have any experience, or pictures, to show what they have done?


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    We had desks similar to the ones you describe. They did not work out well for us with damaged mouse/keyboard cables as the lid is closed with the peripherals sitting outside the closure hole [gap in he desk for the screen]

    Furthermore there was damage to the desks themselves and the clamshell enclosures for the base units.

    All of that aside you asked about cabling. We had them set in rows where the longest run was seven desks. We ran the cables through the desks/clamshells. The cables ran back to floor boxes that supplied the power and Ethernet connections. At the end of the long runs the mass of cables collected together was - significant.

    To summarise: A run of 4 butting up against a wall should not be a serious problem. Given the same setup I would use three compartment trunking for power/Ethernet on the wall.

    Sorry I can't provide pictures of our old setup but like I said that configuration is not in place any more.

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    Same as above we used to have something similar and it was blooming awful. no end of troubles. The company we had went bust but i think the newer type is the I-desk but these are expensive!

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    Isis concepts make generic furniture which will accept standard PCs, Monitors (within size limitations for the furniture) and support what you are looking for. They are good kit and I enjoying our Isis furniture we have in school

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    Have a look at the Ergo Securedesk, they give the functionality you require, but the PC itself is actually built into the desk as well. I've seen them installed in a few places and they always look very neat.

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    Have a look at the Folio range (http://www.folio.co.uk/pdf/10409_Folio2.pdf). They're nicely designed so that there's nowhere for the keyboard and mouse cables to get trapped. We've recently bought some and they look very robust, although time will tell. Ours aren't properly set up yet, but as far as I know you can daisy-chain power connections for up to 4 desks in a row from a single mains socket, although you'd need separate network sockets/cables for each one.

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