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General Chat Thread, Another F1 question in General; To try and show that I am not as petty minded as my posts on a recent thread may suggest...what ...
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    Another F1 question

    To try and show that I am not as petty minded as my posts on a recent thread may suggest...what is the opinion on members on the Bahrain GP question?

    Personally I think F1 should stay away from Bahrain until they sort their problems out...and not just by jailing/torturing/or worse those that disagree with the rulers.

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    Hi Cesil,

    Apparently F1 is returning to Bahrain this year not for money but to show solidarity with Bahrain and will be back again within 5 months for next years season.

    My thoughts are it's for money, the teams don't want (this year) it the protesters don''t want it but the government (which have invested in it F1) are keen and so is CVC who make money from each event. I don't see any other reason other than for the organisers to make more money, though only as much as they were expecting not actually more.

    I love F1 but this all Bahrain seems in keeping with its core values!

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    I disagree for 3 reasons. The first and foremost is a reason you could apply even in times of civil rest - the circuit is terrible.
    The second reason is in agreement with pretty much everyone else - in the times of unrest I really don't think it's in anyone's interest. Even though things are apparently sorted out, there are still many reports of violence. Do we really need any of that spilling into F1? Too much could happen and I really think they're daft for doing it.
    The 3rd is simple enough - it means they're got another race to content with which will push back development and throw people's schedules out. People who want to go and see the inaugural Indian GP will now have to re-arrange things like flights, accommodation, time of work etc. Nasty business.

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    Well, it is run by the same guy wanting to set hose-pipes up at the side of the track to spray it with water at a moment's notice. F1 is another sport heading down the sewer pipe due to idiots at the top interfering.

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    It should have stayed out this year, many articles I've read where team principals have been interviewed all seem fairly well against slotting it in and extending the season, and as has been said its moved the Indian GP thus messing up plans for many who were going to that, but part of me does wonder if this is a by stealth way of ensuring India is actually ready for the GP unlike last year when they were re-laying tarmac the night before the race.....

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