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General Chat Thread, Kit Advice- What is in the box in General; Hi everybody, I was wondering if you could offer some advice. For years now i have lugged around several CD ...
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    Kit Advice- What is in the box

    Hi everybody, I was wondering if you could offer some advice. For years now i have lugged around several CD holders Screwdriver boxes install disc, Usb pens spare parts etc when doing installs or even popping to fix a friends computer. Can anybody recomend a bag or box that i could use to put everything in one place. To save the need of me being an Octopuss.

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    I just have a small toolbox something like this Stanley 1-92-850 26" Professional Toolbox

    It's not that large but you get the idea

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    Large laptop rucksacks are usually pretty good - I've got an HP one that I used to take everywhere with me when I worked on the road, would usually have a crate full of spares/bits in the boot also though

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    Currently use an ex-IBM laptop bag for my laptop + lunch + external USB drive and a Wenger trolley case for everything else. Giving serious thought to getting a netbook so that I can fit the few tools that I actually use daily in the IBM case and keep the rest in something like a Stanley case in the car boot. I find what I use most are 2 USB keys (one of Portable Apps and installation files, one SARDU with UBCD4WIN et al), my multi-tool and a high capacity rugged portable drive (for backups). Only the latter aren't kept on my person (and if I was allowed to wear cargo pants I wouldn't need the belt pouch for the multi-tool).

    If you really want everything to hand, how about one of these?

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    the JanSport laptop backpacks are a good bet, find them on ebay for 30ish quids, because they double as a daypack for walking or what-have-you they have plenty of pockets and they are made out of heavy duty cordura, and have a a 10year warranty on it which includes stuff like sticking coming undone and zips breaking. I the biggest model because i have a huge laptop with a 18" widescreen and i have room for a 48disc pouch, my day to day tools and some extras, a plethora of different pen drives and a buffalo drivestation, i'll find a link and post it if i manage to track some down

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