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General Chat Thread, Buying a house - Survey in General; Suggest you hunt out a decent IFA as well - good one can save you $ and help explain stuff ...
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    Suggest you hunt out a decent IFA as well - good one can save you $ and help explain stuff like this. If you're in west yorks area I know just the chap.

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    A friend of mine who works as a chartered surveyor, said the following...

    "A full survey should cost no more than £800, and with that the surveyor will check the following:

    Brick work externally and internally where possible
    All timber work - including structural support beams, loft beams and door frames
    All walls for damp using an SDI probe - (if they do not do this then you can fight for any damp found or that develops within 6 months of the survey)
    Any drafts - (window frames, external door frames)
    Any leaks with the plumbing
    Any leaks in the roof/ceiling
    Any cracked roof tiles
    Insulation (roof and cavity, and when it was done)
    Plaster work

    The seller has to be up front and honest when it comes to the surveyor coming in to the house and asking questions, if not they are liable for all costs of the survey. The surveyor should also do you a full "worst case" report, which will highlight EVERYTHING they found wrong with the house, and roughly how much you should negotiate off the price to do the repairs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jinnantonnixx View Post
    I paid a bit extra for something which I hoped would be useful, but my experience was similar to that of @MK-2. My survey was so full of weasel words and vague, it was next to useless.
    On three houses I've bought I've opted for 'full' surveys. They are full of weasel words and often, rather than telling you exactly what is wrong, they will simply recommend that item X is investigated more fully by a specialist. When you have spent the best part of a grand on what you might think is a specialist surveyor, that can feel like a waste of money! However, in two cases the surveys paid for themselves in that potential work was identified, estimates were then obtained and that was then taken off the offer price.

    [ETA - I can't quite comprehend how or why I am replying to such an old thread (must be MY age - maybe I should get a full survey)]
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