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General Chat Thread, Back after a long break in General; As some of you may have noticed i have not been here for some time. there are a few reasons ...
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    Back after a long break

    As some of you may have noticed i have not been here for some time. there are a few reasons for this.
    1. laptop broke needed a new Radion x1400 card and they are no longer avaible to buy
    2. work has been so busy i have not had enough time to breath.
    3. Have had a major issue at work. and this is somthing i would like to ask if anyone here has had any experince with.

    It is bullying but the person doing it does not relise it and it is very hard. I have got the unions involved but I have never experinced has mad me think about quiting my job. It makes you so down but i need the job. if any one has experinced this what did they do and did it get better does it still happen or did you end up changing jobs

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    Re: Back after a long break

    Welcome back.

    Don't think that I've experienced any bullying, so can't really help.

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    Re: Back after a long break

    Unfortunately, bullying is a fact of life in the workplace and sometimes done deliberately and sometimes by accident (Like I did to you once ops: )

    One persons bullying is another persons reasonable behaviour.

    Everybody has different tolerance levels at different times and the amount of bullying varies as well.

    You can either fight back yourself, fight back through unions or move somewhere else.

    There is no proper solution unfortunately as the grass is not always greener elsewhere



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    Re: Back after a long break

    Whilst I have not experienced this myself, I know that my technician most definitely has. The ICT Co-ordinator before our current one would regularly bully the members of staff in her department (e.g. refuse to train them, publicly shout at the them, throw stuff at them etc.) and the Technician (e.g. break stuff on the computers deliberately, shout at them in front of the pupils etc.).

    As a result my technician decided to involve the union - who advised that she kept a diary for a few months detailing all the problems. My colleague found this to be psychologically beneficial as well as useful for the union who would have taken action had the co-ord decided not to leave.

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