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General Chat Thread, PRINCE2 Training in General; Since this thread has been revived, i thought i'd point out there is a really good iphone app (maybe other ...
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    Since this thread has been revived, i thought i'd point out there is a really good iphone app (maybe other OSes too), for Prince 2. It's called PRINCE2 Learning Aid, and the flash screen states PRINCE2 training – Project management training – Microsoft training – QA so i guess it's by them. Haven't had a proper look, but seems really useful. Might be worth checking out, as it was free, though i'm sure there are plenty of others out there, this seemed official.

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    I have the app and it is a really handy tool even once you have passed the course, allowing for quick reference to particular areas when people start to blah in meetings! My favourite is the galleries where I can stick it on my iPad and connect it to a projector to show eejits that they are *not* right to say we don't need to look at risk management before a project is initiated!

    Having this to hand instead of the rather large book (carefully labelled, annotated and with @bossman as *he* struggles in his conversations with eejits) is a nice little tool. It has replaced a few of the pocket books I have in my work bag, but now looking at the ePub versions of PRINCE2 and ITIL materials as well.

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    PRINCE2 does help a lot to get Project Manager related jobs. For foundation level, you can study on your own using the manual but for PRINCE2 Practitioner level I suggest that you go for a formal training. The Practitioner exam is tough and is scenario based- so a good training is recommended for that. Good Luck!
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