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General Chat Thread, Recommend me a 4x4 in General; Originally Posted by Sirbendy Fronteras? Old and obsolete now, but tough as old boots... My mate has the 2l 8v ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sirbendy View Post
    Fronteras? Old and obsolete now, but tough as old boots...
    My mate has the 2l 8v one of those, the calibra/cav engine iirc, and omg it was slow! It was horrendously underpowered for such a big car. I remember us all going to Penriff over the A66 and it struggled like hell on the upwards section - HGVs were overtaking him! lol

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    Yes, I've seen those...and one that had a turbo..well, the turbo whine, but no apparent benefit..heh. That said, they do have a following, there's LOTS of Vx engines you can bung in them, and the bits are cheap...

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    For that kind of money you wont get anything decent except perhaps for this:
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Recommend me a 4x4-hightower.jpg  

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    Might be going to look at this tonight.

    2000 LAND ROVER Freelander 2.0 Di Hardback

    Can people in the know give me a list of what to check to make sure I don't get stung?

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    mitsubishi delica or toyota estima loads of these in nz ultra reliable.

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    My comment on the Freelander 1 is the lack of head height in the front, if your 6ft plus no chance of getting comfortable unless you got fully adjustable seats which seemingly were only on a few models / extra, I cannot sit comfy in ours to drive it and im 6ft 1, its not much fun doing any mileage with a crick in your neck.

    Boot space is also a joke, its tiny for such a large vehicle, I joke that we cannot get a weeks shopping in the boot without piling it high, my toolbox and box of general IT Junk I carry with me for spares just about fills the boot in ours (without stacking up obviously!) so its a bit of a joke in my opinion. The Freelander 2 is a better vehicle but will be out of your price range I suspect as its too new.

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