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General Chat Thread, What would you do with £85 Million? in General; ...
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    Strangely enough I wouldnt quit my work, just demand more time off to travel. I would actually donate a few mil to the IT Dept I actually enjoy my job at times.

    Would keep it all on the hush hush though. Go on a massive shopping spree in Bluewater in those expensive shops where a shirt (Crap one) costs £135..
    Go on a holiday every chance I get and make my own paintball arena.

    I would also make sure my good side family members got dosh and my younger sister who has already lived off my taxes for the last 8 years gets nothing.

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    Me and my mates used to have this discussion in my old job (IT Support desk in a retail company HO) and I said I'd pay everyone 50k to quit there and then to leave them in the muck, as at the time, they were a garbage company to work for. It was a nice thought.

    I guess with 85m though, I'd like to buy a Spitfire and learn to fly it.

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    Everything from before. Maybe another boat out in Spain.

    Oh yes, I'd buy Tech_Guy a new pair of slippers and a picture of Cyprus.

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    tech_guy (11th May 2011)

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    travel, travel and travel....all over the world! To see all that wonderfull places on our beautiful Earth that I have never seen... places that perhaps nobody has seen....My God, this is my biggest dream...

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