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""It is unreasonable and unfair to expect private sector workers to make all the sacrifices," he said."

Market forces, dear boy. Where were you during the boom? Were you championing the comparatively underpaid public sector? Cry me a river.
Not to mention, the public sector is suffering massively. Our local authority is laying off something like 1600 people. Most of those from the children's services division. Everyone is suffering. People in both sectors need to stop looking to make it sound like one is worse off than the other!

I mentioned a problem with this sort of study before. Lots of local authorities and government departments have outsourced a large amount of their work. Cleaners, catering, refuse collection etc... in order to save money. This means that the average pay increases within the government whenever this sort of thing is done.

And as others have mentioned, there aren't directly comparable roles in private sector compared with public for many roles.