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Release Notes:

New features:

PaperCut now maintains a historical record of users' department and office fields. E.g. If a user switches department midway through a month, reports showing activity by department will now account for their activity in the old department for the first half of the month and the new department for the second half. It's also possible to retrospectively edit this history and have it immediately affect reports.


  • Compatibility improvements for Internet Explorer 9 (IE9).
  • Significantly optimized PaperCut's start-up process to reduce database load on systems with many attached devices.
  • Printing summary reports (e.g. Group printing - summary) now all include a breakdown of color and grayscale pages (rather than needing to run a job type summary report to see this detail).
  • You can now quickly produce a device list report via Export/Print report links under the Device list table.
  • An Application Log (App Log) audit message is now written when an admin manually expires a pre-paid top-up card.
  • The web based release station's automatic refresh time is now configurable.
  • Improved the error messages displayed when PaperCut attempts to connect to an external database that is currently offline or down.
  • Release station: improved date presentation for jobs submitted in the same day (e.g. "11:04" instead of "Apr 12, 11:04").
  • Added various new Web Services APIs:
    • add/remove a printer access group
    • check if a user group exists
    • remove a user group
    • list all printers
    • list all groups
    • add/remove an administrator access user/group
  • New print script API to find all printer groups that the current job's printer is a member of.
  • Improved default parameters used when performing printer load balancing. This reduces the likelihood that large jobs cause a printer to be underutilized.


Browser session cookies are now stored as "HttpOnly". This is in line with current best practice and helps mitigate impact if an XSS attack was discovered.
  • Fixed some memory related issues seen on some 64-bit systems.
  • Improved reliability when database connection problems occur during server start-up.
  • Fixed a problem where CSV/Excel scheduled reports created prior to version 10.7 could run over the same report period each time (e.g. always the week in which the report was created, rather than every new week).
  • Find-me printing: when a user attempts to release a print job at a release station but all target print queues are in error or disabled, an error message is displayed and the job stays held. Previously the job would be cancelled.
  • Fixed a problem where scheduled reports do not run when daylight savings time starts in the UK (or other regions where DST starts at 1am). The default scheduled report time has now been changed to 12:55am from 1:15am to prevent this happening in the future.
  • Windows clusters: fixed a problem that could cause Find-Me print jobs from printing if the print provider service failed over while they were awaiting release.
  • Fixed issue that prevented filtering an ad hoc report on a department or office that contained commas.
  • Improved clean-up/deletion of temporary files created when very large reports are created.
  • Fixed issue when running on SQL Server where the same data could appear on multiple pages of tables.
  • Fixed a problem when using Web Print to charge a print job to a shared account when the user has the "Charge personal account (and allocate to shared account for reporting)" option enabled. This could cause the job not to be logged by PaperCut.
  • When running on some external databases the "average pages per job" values in reports could have been inaccurate. This has been corrected.
  • Period comparison reports previously excluded activity occurring on each period's end date. These reports now include activity from those dates.
  • Fixed sorting of some logs reports such as "Group printing - logs" when running on an external database.

Printer compatibility improvements:
  • Added grayscale detection support for Xerox Colour Press 700 PS.
  • Added support for HP Printer Drivers v2.6 on Mac OS 10.6.
  • Added support for Dell 2150cdn.
  • Improved page count detection on the Epson 4880.

Copier / Device Integration:

HP Onboard/Embedded (Chai SOE DSE):
  • Improved compatibility with devices running recent HP firmware versions.
  • Improved reliability of devices to workaround an HP firmware memory leak that can
  • result in device "Error 49" failures.
  • Disable all access to the device if the user has no available credit.

Konica Minolta Onboard/Embedded (OpenAPI):
  • Fixed issue where devices may not have functioned if the server was under very heavy load during startup.
  • A new improved tracking method reduces the possibility of users printing more pages than they have credit for.

Kyocera Mita Onboard/Embedded (HyPAS):
  • Added support for non-ASCII characters (such as the pound and euro symbols).
  • Added Chinese (simplified and traditional) translations.

Lexmark Onboard/Embedded (LeSF):
  • Added support for new devices: C792, X792, C925, X925.
  • Fixed display of Chinese (simplified) text.

Ricoh Onboard/Embedded (ESA):
[LIST][*]The PaperCut onboard/embedded application for Ricoh ESA has now been certified under Ricoh's new global certification process, confirming that the application runs on Ricoh devices in any region globally.[*]Improved responsiveness and reliability under slow network conditions.
Sharp Onboard/Embedded (OSA):
  • Added Print All button to the print release function, providing the user an option to easily release all jobs or choose which jobs to release.
  • Added HTTPS connection support for secure transmission of information between Sharp MFPs and PaperCut.

Sharp Onboard/Embedded (OSA 3+ with 7" screen):
A brand new interface is available that takes advantage of new functionality made possible by Sharp OSA 3 and OSA 4 devices:
  • New improved user interface that takes advantage of the Sharp embedded web browser (HTML). New features included improved look-n-feel, color appearance and much better usability.
  • Card based authentication now just fully automatic (just swipe card to log in).
    Simplified on-screen workflow.

Toshiba Onboard/Embedded:
When using shared account based charging the wording that describes which account will be charged has been clarified.
The cost setting precision is now updated during initialization (e.g. after power cycle or network connection). Previously this setting may not have taken affect until after the application server was restarted.
Xerox Onboard/Embedded (Network Accounting / JBA):
Fixed a problem that could allow user to charge to their personal account when they were configured to only charge to shared accounts.
Xerox Onboard/Embedded (Xerox Secure Access):
  • Improved single sign-on capabilities: when a user authenticates using their username and password the user's credentials are now made available to the device so that "Scan to home" and other workflows can funcion without requiring re-authentication.
  • Fixed a problem that could cause network card readers to contintue to run even after "Swipe Card" authentication was disabled.