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    We're looking at buying now...Renting is OK, but..currently paying £545/m down a black hole is annoying me. Plus where we are has no garden, is a git to heat, bills are huge etc.

    Went to HSBC, had a chat..on our combined income (just over £30k), using the "affordability" method, not the "x times your salary" malarkey, using our housekeeping spreadsheet etc...they've offered us a mortgage of £104k over 30 years. Fortunately I have around 30k sat in an ISA whose sole purpose is to act as a deposit..

    Scary. But then, it has been pointed out that I'd be paying towards an end, not "losing" the money as we do now, and besides, children are an even bigger commitment than a mortgage - from that view, it's less alarming.

    We live as frugally as we can (within reason), and rarely buy new. My gadget count is I suspect low in geek-terms..and I don't even have a TV license.

    I'm going to have a chat to an IFA who was recommended to me...I'll feel better with an impartial viewpoint.

    Furnishing wise - 90% of my furniture is secondhand/free, my TV is an ancient 21" trinitron, etc etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sirbendy View Post
    I'm going to have a chat to an IFA who was recommended to me...I'll feel better with an impartial viewpoint.
    Good idea. Dont forget though, if you drop on a Fixed\Capped rate etc for x yrs to review it 2-3 months BEFORE the rate ends for a better deal. I may be trying to teach granny, but been caught out with this myself in the past.

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    the thing with cars is its not much of a choice anymore even IF i worked in doncaster centre its £5 a day return on bus (4 miles approx) so thats £25 a week (now granted when i do go to town i go on train but thats 2 miels of walking but gets it down to £1.50 ). In my current job there is no way i could use public transport i go from home to 2 or 3 sites in leeds a day it just isnt possible to do it (i have tried and on the ODD day it has worked but thats been when ive been on 1 site all day and have got the 1st train and its cost me £20ish) so i would say i NEED a car and until electric cars have a sensible range (say 200 miles min) and dont take 8 hours to charge im stuck with petrol/diesel and have no choice

    houses have gone up stupidly my parents paid <20k for their house its now worth 100+ish i dont earn 5* what dad did so they have gone up out of proportion to earnings. Now i am looking at getting a house with depost/mortgage ive got 130k but its not going to be paid back until i retire. The problem with renting is you are at least in my opinion throwing money away you never own anything and will pay forever more at least by buying you have something to show for it at the end

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