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General Chat Thread, THE DEBATE: Where you a broomcupboard kid or an ITV child? in General; Originally Posted by Gibbo I've been on the Krypton Factor course! Krypton Factor Assault Course - Derelict Places That is ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gibbo View Post
    I've been on the Krypton Factor course!

    Krypton Factor Assault Course - Derelict Places
    That is very cool - are you in danger of being shot if you go there? And where is it?!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Ben_Stanton View Post
    Following from another thread...I was definitely a broomcupboard kid!

    Cities Gold, Geordie Racer, Racoons, Gummibears, trapdoor (neighbour was a ITV child so watched it at hers)

    Toby Anstis? - Andy Peters - Gordon the gopher - Ed the duck

    0 1 811 81 81

    The really wild show - Chris Packam (he never looks any older) - Makayla Strachen (mmmmm)

    C H I P M U N K - we're the chipmunks, guaranteed to brighten your day!

    I could go on for hours reliving my youth!
    itv had the better quality programmes imo....DM, trapdoor and funhouse beat the pants off anything the bbc had from what i remember. itv also had starfleet and thundercats on a weekend, not to mention highway to heaven and bullseye on a sunday for slightly more grown-up viewing.

    having said that bbc had probably the best kid's drama ever.....
    archer's goon.

    And ofcourse they had the broom cupboard.

    someone else mentioned crystal maze....i watched an episode from the orginial series a few weeks ago on bravo (or was it gold ?) and the aztec zone i found incredibly boring....ofcourse it was exciting when we first sat down to watch it all those years ago, but wasn't enthralled by revisting it.
    i think the show picks up when they get into the industrial and futuristic zones.

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    "How", "Crackerjack", "Vision On", "Blue Peter" with Valerie Singleton, Peter Pervis, John Noakes and "Shep"

    Mind you the first TV had a switch on the side for 625 lines or 425 lines!

    Does the latter count as HD??

    Sky? Have a heart, it was BBC, ITV or read your Beano annual!

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    Flashing Blade, Robinson Crusoe, Belle & Sebastian, Banana Bunch.

    I'll get my Zimmer Frame

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gibbo View Post
    Possibly! I didn't make my presence known!

    It's between Ramsbottom and Bolton:

    Flash Earth ...satellite and aerial imagery of the Earth in Flash
    Very interesting, I moved down from that location to where the old BWFC stadium used be be at Burnden Park, there's a big time difference between the Google Maps image and Microsoft VE. Microsoft shows it as a demolition site with just the remains of the old Normid superstore which was built at on end of the pitch (complete madness at the time) Google is more up to date with showing the big Asda that has been built there, but the almost as large JJB put up since is still not shown at the side.

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    Imagine the same number now...

    0181 811 8181 would now be... 020 8811 8181

    Just doesn't have the same ring to it!

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