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General Chat Thread, ISPs and throttling in General; When an ISP throttles your connection or manages your P2P or Newsgroup traffic how are they doing this? Do they ...
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    ISPs and throttling

    When an ISP throttles your connection or manages your P2P or Newsgroup traffic how are they doing this?

    Do they look at the ports or do they inspect the packets? If your traffic is SSL encrypted over an SSL port can they inspect these packets or have any reason to throttle said ports?

    What about traffic over a tunnel or routed to port 80 via a proxy or similar?

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    usually it's a proxy doing most of the work, I know an ISP that uses a proxy server for all of there incoming/outgoing connections on what they call the transit network, there is a built in firewall and it inspects traffic coming through the switches into the transit network and inspects what type of traffic it is and at certain times. at 6PM all http traffic is throttled to something like 1 MB and it's done in the firewall, certain users on high priority dont get throttled at all. At the college i used to work at we used a proxy to tell each machine how much bandwidth to use.

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