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General Chat Thread, New build with hard hat in General; Anyone been involved in a new build, and I mean a network manager of an old site on the new ...
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    New build with hard hat

    Anyone been involved in a new build, and I mean a network manager of an old site on the new site with yellow jacket and hard hat?
    Any thoughts would be good

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    Get Atleast 30 rj45 points in every room with 1gb connection...that way it dnt matter where you put the ict suites. Lol

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    Yes did it countless times, good job I did becuase a lot of stuff that was agreed on the plans hadn't been done. It was only on the long walk rounds that I picked up stuff that was missing / in the wrong place, and then was able to get it sorted before the contractors were off site.

    Some areas of the build you won't be able to access untill very late on, so it is important to build up a good relationship with the LA Project Manager (they are supposed to look out for the school / LA), which ours did.

    Make sure there is enough power points to each network point (e.g. for scanners / speakers), also where the teachers desk will go in relation to the IWBs. You need to go in to every detail, otherwise you will find that things are out of place (we even checked radiators weren't going to be under interactive whiteboard). I was also involved in the furniture layouts, so I could makes sure the locations worked, also blinds, so I could make sure rooms had blackout blinds where needed.

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    We're in the middle of 2 new buildings going up at the moment (only small scale stuff though - 5 rooms total), and I was involved with the cabling their.

    Our experience has been a mixed one - my cablers did their job well, but the communication between them, the electrical engineering company and the building company wasn't great - plans went missing, a conduit wasn't in place in time, in-wall sockets haven't been put in etc...

    Its a fair amount of work to make sure everything is going in the right place all the time - towards the end of the build, you'll want to be there checking things regularly, as once they do things like plastering, you're SOL when it comes to putting things right.

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    On the 2 new buildings we've had built recently well in the last 6 years or so I was more involved in the second one plenty of site visits and communications going on to make sure things were how I wanted and we are having another new build atm.


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    Make sure if your asked to provide any advice/requirements on room specs etc that you are in the loop for any additional correspondance. I've also had a similar experience to localzuk, I had people come and see me about where they were supposed to be installing cable runs only to find out they were working from old plans (and they had already installed a couple of rooms). Apparently changes that had been made to the architects had not been passed on and this happened for a few rooms.

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