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General Chat Thread, Consent To Hospital Treatment in General; I had to sign a Consent To Treatment form for my wife as it was agreed by all parties she ...
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    Consent To Hospital Treatment

    I had to sign a Consent To Treatment form for my wife as it was agreed by all parties she was unable to make a discussion. Last time she was having an infusion she said she wanted to stop and we had an hour stand off. I original signed this form 8 weeks ago. Any one got a suggestion how you navigate round this ethical stuff.

    I just want her back as she has been in hospital 4 months she needs to finish the treatment.

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    This sounds a daunting situation and I'd hate to be in your shoes. needed from edugeek.

    Does your wife object to blood transfusions, perhaps for religious reasons, or is she simply too ill understand the need for the treatment being given?

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    I feel for you there nicholab. I have no help for you but hope you manage to find a solution.

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