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General Chat Thread, Selling old equipment in General; there is a way around that ie you sell it yourself and then donate the money back to the school ...
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    Re: Selling old equipment

    there is a way around that ie you sell it yourself and then donate the money back to the school and you can do that all the school has to do is agree and write the equipment off and away you go. and if the money is donated it goes into pta fund and its never lost at the end of the year as pta has there own account and they use it as they wish ie school askes for new server and pta can fork out the funds. (depends on how good your pta-frends or the school are)

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    Re: Selling old equipment

    The main problem with selling old kit to pupils and staff is that you and the school become liable for any electrical fault that develop (ie setting on fire or electrocuting a student). As your public liablity insurance does not cover you for this you are opening yourself and the school up to a potentially large lawsuit. It is far better to pay for disposal as per your lea guidelines or donate the equipment to a charity group. If you do want to sell the equipment this should be done on a trade basis where they take on the liabilty issues.

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