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General Chat Thread, Keyboard mystery in General; ok , we have a dell Latitude 100L , kid has broken off the 'B' key - I try to ...
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    Keyboard mystery

    ok , we have a dell Latitude 100L , kid has broken off the 'B' key - I try to clip it back but it's damaged.
    have a spare keyboard for bits, but no 'B' on it - so I think , take another letter, use that and tippex it into a 'B' - simple ? -no.
    turns out the 'B' key is unique - it clips on the other way from all other letter keys, and get this - the key carrier is a different size from ALL the other keys on the keyboard (letters are larger, F keys smaller) -see pic


    yes, the ribbon lies under it , but keyboard underside is flush, so that's not it.
    so I got a laptop out of service 'cos of 1 key grrr...
    Any ideas?
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    Re: Keyboard mystery

    Quote Originally Posted by pinemarten
    so I got a laptop out of service 'cos of 1 key grrr...
    Know that felling only too well here...last year we had about 8 laptops that had to have entire new keyboards because some kids had removed the key and then decided to rip off th rubber membrane thingy underneath...this is so annoying as you will undoubtably know.

    as for ideas..could you get in touch with dell and ask for a replacement k/b? if it under warranty of course.

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    Re: Keyboard mystery

    That is mental- Perphaps HP is ensuring you need a new computer when the most essential key is missing or damaged? I can think of a lot of words tht I can't type without a ' '

    Damn - where's my ' ' gone?

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    Re: Keyboard mystery

    heheh what a pain in the beep :P

    Argh I really do hate laptops! If any of you were involved in that laptop for teachers scheme where they got ERGO's then you would know what I mean about hating them :)

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