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General Chat Thread, They're wild in this school! in General; MU-MU-MU-MULTIKILL...
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    Old scout hut had a wierd problem where if you turn on the lights in the wrong order, it tripped the fuse box and all the lights went out.

    After a little while one of the leaders who's an electrician went up into the loft to take a look around, and found a squirrel attached to the end light, paws still on the outer mesh, and it's mouth still firmly attached to the cable. If you turned on that light first then the others, it was too much current and the squirrel-fuse would short

    If you fired that one up last it could handle the load somehow.

    Seems that squirrels have a polarity!

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    Last school had a really bad pigeon problem, in my last half term break there they got pest control in... who had the most awesome job in the world. 2 blokes with shotguns and Harris Hawks. I feel thoroughly let down by my careers adviser that I was never told such a job existed, where you spend all day playing with birds of prey and firearms.

    Admittedly they also have to crawl through the roofspace to clean up pigeon poop, but no job's perfect, right?

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