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General Chat Thread, Do I laugh or cry!?! in General; Originally Posted by CAM Won't you need to power the servers down at the end of each day though? If ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by CAM View Post
    Won't you need to power the servers down at the end of each day though? If you run off a gennie, there is little point using up fuel at night or the likely chance that some oik will come along overnight and siphon the diesel out of it.
    The school IS in a bit of a dodgy area too!

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    When my last place had the feed upped to something capable or running the school properly we had 3 power downs, each lasting 3 days, spread over a 4 week period. It was easy to plan around and as long as you are kept in the loop it is still workable. It did mean a busy few weeks prior to summer (including closing off 2 classrooms to get them ready for new suites / kits) and some delay on things until the October half-term, but it shows the need to plan to do things spread out over a whole year, and not jsut squeezed into a few weeks in the summer (YMMV as some schools cannot work like this for a number of reasons).

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