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General Chat Thread, Handover Information when leaving in General; Er, you get a login to the wiki and a domain admin account. Oh, you wiped the wiki server before ...
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    Er, you get a login to the wiki and a domain admin account.

    Oh, you wiped the wiki server before working out what it was because you don't like Linux? Well, you'll have to restore that from backup won't you? Y'don't know how to do that? Wow, looks like you'll have to admit to management what you did and get someone competent in then.

    Yes, this happened at [$job-2], oh how we laughed.

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    When I started here (12 years ago...) I got the following list...

    Admin Account


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    When I started I got nothing. I swear, NOTHING. I had to 'borrow' the Head's laptop when I found it logged in just to get the proxy server details to get online. Then I had to bug the ict co-ord until he remembered the password for the 1 server the school had, and when I got on it I found it wasn't doing anything anyway!

    If/when I leave here I will be providing the next NM with the "Red Bus" document, so a lot of it is in nice simple terms in case someone with less techy experience needs to admin the network for a bit. I reckon it's close to a "Gold" standard.


    Red Bus document – contents
    Username and Passwords for all Administrator accounts (local on servers and all network) including any special accounts needed for software (such as our SophosUpdate account) and any local machines still present on the network

    Internet access details (proxy settings and port settings, descriptions of each one)

    Email address / login details for the helpdesk / VLP email accounts and guide on how to use them (probably already created as simple “How To” for staff)

    Log in details for any sites (accounts on Argos, Amazon, BT Business Direct and so forth) and internal hosted stuff like Espresso, Exchange, HP/Cisco hardware manager software etc

    Contact details for all preferred suppliers (email, phone, fax and names) together with either a brief history of recent purchases, or sufficient reasoning as to why they are preferred

    Network diagram, with accompanying server names and locations, switch IP addresses and locations, type of cabling between each switch/server and WAP locations

    Server info including hardware specs, RAID, serial number, warranty info, IP addresses if static, roles, mapped drives+purposes, anything not ‘standard’ about their configuration

    Backup plan/details, disks/tapes and instructions on the current policy on backing up

    Switch info including spec, number of ports, port diagram, serial number, warranty info, IP address

    List of software with license information and if not kept in the school safe, paper licenses to go with it. Electronic copies of licenses (scans) of the original documents, all security keys/passwords required for installation of software and notes on anything that is not ‘easy’ to install

    Hardware audit; details of all hardware including digital cameras, scanners, printers, PCs, laptops, projectors and so on. Serial numbers, warranty info, hardware spec’s, who it is assigned to/which room it is installed in, repair history

    Details about any area/s of the network that are not standard, any that have particular problems recurring, issues outstanding or any other projects that are currently underway

    Details of profiles, if roaming, how to set up, permissions, folder structures, Win XP/Vista/7/Other OS builds, imaging instructions and build procedures

    Quick “how to” troubleshooting guides for the common problems experienced to let the new person/s hit the ground running

    Telephony details if using VOIP system

    Library software login details, how to add new books, remove books, print reminders etc. if part of the job (at the moment it’s part of mine)

    Timetables of the school day with any recurring needs for equipment to be moved/permanent bookings for equipment

    Any and all paper-based filings done


    Of course, on the cover it will have big bold print that says
    "Abandon Hope all ye who Enter Here"

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