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General Chat Thread, Why are you a school tech? in General; 13 years working for a joinery firm as a labourer :? 2 years spent getting an HND in engineering (at ...
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    Re: Why are you a school tech?

    13 years working for a joinery firm as a labourer :?

    2 years spent getting an HND in engineering (at 35!) wow....
    but no jobs (1991 recession ) so took 'temporary' job in school as DT tech
    Gradually took over as computer tech (overtime!) as school developed IT (at first with Acorns !!!) - first PC network in '97 (RM grrr)
    13 years later made full time NM/IT tech
    too old at 50 now to go into corporate IT, not bothered tho, I like it here

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    Re: Why are you a school tech?

    My wages aren't bad and unless I'd been doing C rogramming for the same amount of time I don't think I'd be on a much higher wage (I've been looking around ) well at least not high enough to think it would be worth it as the stress levels when I used to program were a nightmare some of the other programmers didn't leave til 10pm I thought I enjoy it I'm pretty good at it but is it for me?

    Technical Support came along because of some very strange links leading me into it but to cut a long story short left uni looked for job found a temp IT Tech job to replace an NM who had badly damaged his back job was roughly for two weeks within days the Head calls me into her office and says would i like to stay on longer how long 5 months I said yes of course it went from there, left it about four and a half months in due to a holiday booked (which they knew about) went to a job interview for a programming job and a tech job (tech job at a college) the programming one was two months before this lol so while waiting for them to come back to me went to the college interview.

    Didn't get it about a month later they phoned up and said would I like a tech job seeing as one of their existing techs had left I said yes now I hadn'theard from the programming one now for 3 months they phone up the next day to offer me the job choices choices I made the mistake of choosing the Tech one and I've been in education since moved on after about a year to an NM post then moved to this school as NM. I still think did I make the right decision though not sure if I did erm.. wonder if its still open..?


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    Re: Why are you a school tech?

    I worked in education, then after 4 years left and worked in industry. It simply wasnt for me, the wages were better, but the hours were longer, with less time off. There was little to no social interaction, and very little laughter and fun at the workplace...it was alot like being in that film Brazil.

    I missed the days of the more relaxed environment of a school, having a laugh with workmates, drinks after work, decent socialisation, and yes..even having a laugh about games or football with some of the kids.

    End result was that I returned to education. I am not an ambitious person, I have financial security so I dont seek more money, I have no interest at all in being promoted to network manager and am perfectly happy to remain just an IT technician and not have to deal with the political hassles and extra responsibility that Disease (on these forums) has to deal with. As such I have no intent of ever chasing his position.

    The only thing I ask for in a job is to have fun, and in education I get that fun, whether its from joking around with colleagues or kids.

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    Re: Why are you a school tech?

    Many years ago, when dinosaurs walked the earth, I was qualified as a Merchant Navy Radio Officer but working as a test engineer in Flight Simulation. Then I became a specialist recruitment headhunter for electronics and computing, which was great fun and very lucrative
    Then marriage and children intervened and eventually I went back into being a test tech in education with slightly more modern kit!!
    I love my jobs too, and I love being my own boss. Mostly people are grateful for my help and the children are lovely.
    BUT the money is ridiculously low.
    It's all very well to say that money is less important than job satisfaction -but in an area where the cheapest property is coming up for £200000 many techies can't afford to stay in the job they love, which is a shame.

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    Re: Why are you a school tech?

    If I was working in industry, I wouldn't be on here reading and typing.
    I used to work in secondary but as "the man that telephones RM", went to uni, got a job in industry for 6 months writing pensions software (so boring) and I am now the new tech at a Primary. Jobs great, hours are better, pays not too bad but I couldnt live forever on it. As for cringingly IT iliterate staff, I can understand it, tolerate and accept it from the older staff (30+), but not from someone 25-30, thats just plain bad. I think were all here because we love it and its a nice comfortable job

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