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General Chat Thread, The real cost of Government cuts in General; There's been a mains water leak at the junction of two busy roads near our school. It's been like it ...
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    The real cost of Government cuts

    There's been a mains water leak at the junction of two busy roads near our school. It's been like it since Tuesday and this morning, as I turned at the junction the front end went completely on a layer of sheet ice. I just phoned the police and was told that they had received several reports over the past few days and had notified Highways and Severn Trent. The junction is around 300m from the police station, so I would have thought they could at least put out a few SLOW signs.

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    We had a burst pipe in someones garden on our road during the sub zero temps. it was flowing down the hill down our street and flowing into the drain outside our drive. it was like this for about 6 days, and i had to continually clear the drain or it was at risk of blocking up with leaves and other rubbish washed down the street.
    on the 7th day severn trent came out (on a sunday, at 10pm) to dig up the road and fix it. god knows how many thousands of gallons had been lost by then. and of course, the water left on the road then turned to ice too.

    oh happy days....oh happy days!

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    Infrastructure wise were taking steps back instead of step forward!

    Back to the dark days me thinks!

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