... if the teachers get the name of the program they need asasasap right!

Last term, I was asked to install Counter (spit! ) on the new netbooks.

They gave me the software and I explained it was a right faf and could I just do one bank (20 machines) - OK they said.

I copied the FLOPPY DISCS to a share and ran the setup prog on each machine.

All good. Christmas comes and goes

TODAY another teacher said they needed it on all netbooks (and the suite!) asasasasasasp.

I said no-chance and then went and did the old scotty routine and ran Cameyo to do produce a package (first time I've tried it) - seemed to work - wrote a WPKG deployment package - tested it on another machine - seemed OK

Just went to show them how to use it - not the right program says teacher - I want the one on my machine throughout the school

Turns out she had a copy of Counting Pictures 3 - wasn't it the same program she said..........

Never mind