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General Chat Thread, London Stabbings - How Many More? in General; Is it me or has there been a lot of stabbings in the London area lately involving school kids? The ...
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    London Stabbings - How Many More?

    Is it me or has there been a lot of stabbings in the London area lately involving school kids? The most recent was in Tottenham were 3 young lads were seriously injured and another killed in a stabbing a few days ago. There was also one down the road from me in Norbury that I reported on here where another young schoolboy was killed. Most shocking was the gang attack where the murder weapon was held high in the air in victory in a gang-related schoolboy on schoolboy attack.

    What on earth is happening in London to have so many of these attacks?!?!

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    Where on earth have you been for the last few years?
    This is "normal" for Tottenham, in fact knife crime is probably the least of your worries...
    Agram's or Mac10's are commonly traded in North London like PSP's are in CashConverters....
    if it wasnt for the Metal Detectors and Police Patrols (Inside some schools) kids would probably be bringing them into school in their backpacks!

    I once asked why there was cctv in the boys toilet in one North London School, because thats where most of the drug dealing is done was the reply... but it is regularly vandalised so it's not very effective.
    Another time I parked outside this place one morning doing some paperwork just before going in, and despite locked gates it was like watching a herd of Gazelle leaping the fences as the bell went between registration and first lesson!

    Like most big cities in this world as soon as you turn off the High Street you can find yourself in a very hostile environment

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    Having lived in Hackney until I was 21, I can confirm what m25man says, parts of London have always been like this.

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    I totally agree with M25man. Theres a school at the end of my road and 3 kids got mugged last Friday morning on their way into school. It's a novelty coming to the school where I work and the pupils are well mannered and polite not like some of the scum up and down my road. If you have the misfortune to go in there you have to wade through a sea of spit and spliff butts.

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    It winds me up reading about kids carrying knives and stabbings. They do it because they think they need it for protection. We use to settle our differences with at worst a few slaps thrown.

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