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    Cheap Media Player

    Has anybody got any experience using one of these

    Emprex ME1-V2 Hi Def Media Player Recorder V2 | Ebuyer.com

    It seems to be a real bargain at £19.98, I think i will order one anyway just to have a look at it.

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    I havn't got experiance of that particular one but every cheap media player I've used has troubles with multiple movies in 1 folder. Instead of processing the thumbnails and storing them, or processing in the background, they lock up until its finished. It means that when you open up a TV series you have to wait until all 20+ episodes have been processed before you can play one.

    Apart from being abit slow in the menu systems they are perfectly fine. Infact probably quicker than the Sky and Virgin boxes they were handing out a couple of years ago.

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