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General Chat Thread, Northern Ireland Residents Use Lemonade To Flush Toilets? in General; Link: Lemonade being used to flush toilets in Northern Ireland - Northern Ireland, Local & National - Belfasttelegraph.co.uk Any Edugeekers ...
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    Northern Ireland Residents Use Lemonade To Flush Toilets?

    Link: Lemonade being used to flush toilets in Northern Ireland - Northern Ireland, Local & National - Belfasttelegraph.co.uk

    Any Edugeekers in Northern Ireland able to confirm this?

    Not that I doubt The Belfast Telegraph it is just that hearing the situation from someone who is going through it, and whose job is not dependant upon what we are being told or how it is reported, we will probably get a better idea of what is actually going on in these unusual circumstances.

    I have also heard that water services may not be restored even into next week. I can't find the right words here. I can't say that I sympathise with those that are currently going through this because I haven't experienced similar circumstances. However my thoughts are with you.

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    Certainly an interesting concept lemonade, but surly the bubbles and the plunge mechanism wouldn't work that well? I hope they are just opening the bottle and swilling the pan with it.

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    Would make sense, doesn't it kill bacteria or something which is why dentists/orthodontists recommend it after having wisdom teeth out?

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    I can't confirm or deny that they are using lemonade here but we are definitely not having a good time at the moment over here! A lot of properties (residential mostly) are without water and have been since Xmas eve in one case I know of personally.

    Water supplies to 40,000 homes or so have been restricted over night tonight to allow reservoir levels to increase... Apparently the amount of leaks etc is crazy and a lot of the water is just being wasted. I can only imagine a lot of offices and schools etc will discover the damage when they re-open after Xmas break.

    The supplies of bottled water is getting back to normal now I think but for a few days it was pretty short in supply!

    So far I've been lucky in my house but who knows what might happen!

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    On a trip to India recently we were in a tiny little village and we ran out of bottled water. I didn't fancy the stuff that came out of the local well so I resorted to brushing my teeth with vodka. I coped.

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    I was feeling quite smug at having bought several bottles of cheap plain water from asda before Christmas in anticipation of frozen pipes, which happenned

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